Top locations for rock climbing in Memphis Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the best places in Southeast USA for rock climbing. There you will find many good places for enjoying your rock climbing adventure so get your climbing gear and visit this beautiful state. Most of the climbing in the state of Tennessee revolves around the Cumberland Plateau. This ridge stretches for whopping three hundred miles and also goes into Alabama and Kentucky. The rocks for climbing there are very hard and the terrain includes many nice and long climbs. Good thing about Tennessee is that you can go climbing at any time of the year. Even in winter months there are climbers that go climbing on the Tennessee Wall. In the summer months, one of the top destinations for climbing is the Sunset Park where you fill find some very attractive cliffs.

Where to Climb In and Near Memphis

Memphis is blessed with so many nice places where you can try your rock climbing skills. There are numerous hidden cliffs and places just waiting to be explored by climbing enthusiasts and professionals. There are plenty of popular places, but a couple of well known spots for rock climbing are located in Shelby Farms Park and Overton Park.

Shelby Farms Park remains as one of the top locations for climbers and hikers. This park covers a very large area of around 4500 acres. The entire area is picturesque and there are plenty of trails, rocks to climb and places to explore. A good idea before you visit this park is to get a map with you because you might get lost while wandering in the scenic park. Even better would be if you have a guide with you that can point you towards the best places for rock climbing.

Overton Park is another great spot for climbers. This park is often labeled as one of Memphis nature treasures and it is definitely worth visiting. The park features a rich forest and numerous hiking trails and cliffs to climb. There are also golf courses, playgrounds and other interesting things.

Regardless of what your climbing style is, you will definitely find your favorite spot to climb in Memphis. Experienced climbers usually visit Sunset Park and Tennessee Wall, sports climbers often go to Foster Falls, Leda and Obed, and adrenaline seekers hit the cliffs around Big South Fork. Other good destinations for climbing include Prentice Cooper and Suck Creek Canyon. Before you start going outdoors and hitting all those great places for climbing mentioned here, you can gain some experience if you visit Memphis Rox which is a specialized indoor gym for rock climbing.

These were the top locations for you to look for when you visit Tennessee. You will not make a mistake whichever you visit and it is advisable you see them all as they are all unique and offer something special. Hopefully this information will be valuable for you, so now you can pack your gear and go on your unique rock climbing adventure in Tennessee.