Review of The Dawn Wall (the movie)

The Dawn Wall is the scariest and steepest surface of El Capitan, which is a granite monolith located in Yosemite National Park. Its height is about nine hundred meters and this place was considered impossible to climb. However, a couple of climbers – Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell made the impossible dream possible and climbed this surface on 14th January 2015. These modern-day superheroes caught the world`s attention with the achieved and this movie follows their story.

The movies portrays how these guys managed to climb this spot and what it took for them to get there and achieve the unimaginable. Tommy Caldwell has been climbing for years and was always seeking for attractive places where he could test his rock climbing skills. He once ended up in Kyrgyzstan where he was captured by soldiers. He managed to survive that and that experience has changed his life dramatically. He started seeing things differently and opened up his mind to big possibilities in life.

Once Tommy visited Yosemite National Park, he knew that climbing the Dawn Hill would be an extraordinary task. He was returning over and over again to the same place, started climbing, mapped the place gradually and slowly identified all the small cracks and handholds for the next climb. In the meantime, he sustained an injury which he thought will prevent him from climbing ever again, but that injury motivated him even further to pursue his big dream.

This film is not about macho men that want to prove the world they can do whatever they can. Quite contrary, Tommy and his group of friends are all easygoing, honest, down to earth and lighthearted people. All that makes him a very lovable person and the audience feels a personal connection with his passion.

In this movie you will not find step-by-step instructions how to climb or what technique to use when climbing. This is a personal story of successful people that follow their passion to the fullest, but there are a lot of details that you will find interesting. As a matter of fact, attention to details is what makes this movie special and pleasant to watch. It is never boring and there are often interesting conversations, anecdotes and stories that maintain audience’s attention. Of course, there is drama and tension involved as well. Falls are dangerous and climbers will find it difficult to climb in numerous situations. We are invited to feel the frustration that is being created by the impossible climb and the challenges that follow.

Finally, The Dawn Wall fulfills the expectations. The viewer will definitely get caught in the story and climber`s obsession to reach the top, fulfilling his lifetime goal. The director perfectly captures the beauty of the national park and all the scenic surroundings, which is an added plus. This is a perfect date night movie if you find yourself on an app like Adult Hookup App and need an idea.  All in all, The Dawn Wall is a movie worth watching, so no matter whether you are climber or not, you will certainly have something to think about after the movie is over.