Best locations to rock climb in the USA

United States of America has plenty of great places for rock climbing. Every climber has its own idea about what is ideal place for climbing and there are many factors to consider. Style of climbing, experience, level of difficulty and scenery are just a few factors that climbers consider when they determine which spots are best to rock climb in the USA. USA has wide variety of different terrains and there are places for climbing in every corner of the country. There are some unbelievably beautiful destinations, so it is recommended you explore as many as you can before you find your perfect spot. The following are some of the best locations to rock climb in the USA.

  • Yosemite National Park, California

This is the most famous rock climbing destination for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The National Park`s legendary spots and picturesque surroundings make Yosemite number one destination for all people interested in climbing. Merced River Canyon is full of great climbs and adventurous climbers can find many multiday climbing spots. There are plenty of cliffs and hidden places to explore and climb, although some are off limits as this is, after all, a protected park.

Ø  Joshua Tree National Park, California

This is another very popular destination for outdoor lovers. Sometimes it gets very crowded with climbers, but there are thousands of different spots for climbing and there is place for everyone. The rock formations in this park are really unique and attractive. In order to avoid the summer heat and enjoy more pleasant climbs, it is advisable you visit this park between October and May.

Ø  Devil`s Tower, Wyoming

Devil`s Tower is fabulous place in Wyoming, full of great columns in hexagonal shape. Some cracks for climbing here go up to five hundred feet and the route ranges start at 5.7. It is recommended you bring your own devices for protection in this place because many of the great climbing routes are still not bolted. You can get more information about what exactly you need by contacting this park directly, and check out when the park is closed because in certain parts of the year the park does not operate due to nesting of falcons.

Ø  Acadia National Park, Maine

There are plenty of epic places for climbing in this beautiful park. The scenery is fantastic as there are many cliffs hanging over the Atlantic Ocean, offering some spectacular views. Pink granite cliffs found at Great Head and Otter Cliffs are some top places for climbing in this park.

  • New River Gorge, West Virginia

Here you will find over thousand different climbing routes ranging between 50 to 150 feet tall. This is great climbing destination for climbers with bigger experience as there are plenty of route ranges that start at 5.9. Bridge Buttress is a good place to start and practice your skills, and the Monongahela National Forest right above North Fork River is another great place with plenty of challenging climbing routes.

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