Top locations for rock climbing in Memphis Tennessee

Tennessee is one of the best places in Southeast USA for rock climbing. There you will find many good places for enjoying your rock climbing adventure so get your climbing gear and visit this beautiful state. Most of the climbing in the state of Tennessee revolves around the Cumberland Plateau. This ridge stretches for whopping three hundred miles and also goes into Alabama and Kentucky. The rocks for climbing there are very hard and the terrain includes many nice and long climbs. Good thing about Tennessee is that you can go climbing at any time of the year. Even in winter months there are climbers that go climbing on the Tennessee Wall. In the summer months, one of the top destinations for climbing is the Sunset Park where you fill find some very attractive cliffs.

Where to Climb In and Near Memphis

Memphis is blessed with so many nice places where you can try your rock climbing skills. There are numerous hidden cliffs and places just waiting to be explored by climbing enthusiasts and professionals. There are plenty of popular places, but a couple of well known spots for rock climbing are located in Shelby Farms Park and Overton Park.

Shelby Farms Park remains as one of the top locations for climbers and hikers. This park covers a very large area of around 4500 acres. The entire area is picturesque and there are plenty of trails, rocks to climb and places to explore. A good idea before you visit this park is to get a map with you because you might get lost while wandering in the scenic park. Even better would be if you have a guide with you that can point you towards the best places for rock climbing.

Overton Park is another great spot for climbers. This park is often labeled as one of Memphis nature treasures and it is definitely worth visiting. The park features a rich forest and numerous hiking trails and cliffs to climb. There are also golf courses, playgrounds and other interesting things.

Regardless of what your climbing style is, you will definitely find your favorite spot to climb in Memphis. Experienced climbers usually visit Sunset Park and Tennessee Wall, sports climbers often go to Foster Falls, Leda and Obed, and adrenaline seekers hit the cliffs around Big South Fork. Other good destinations for climbing include Prentice Cooper and Suck Creek Canyon. Before you start going outdoors and hitting all those great places for climbing mentioned here, you can gain some experience if you visit Memphis Rox which is a specialized indoor gym for rock climbing.

These were the top locations for you to look for when you visit Tennessee. You will not make a mistake whichever you visit and it is advisable you see them all as they are all unique and offer something special. Hopefully this information will be valuable for you, so now you can pack your gear and go on your unique rock climbing adventure in Tennessee.

Review of The Dawn Wall (the movie)

The Dawn Wall is the scariest and steepest surface of El Capitan, which is a granite monolith located in Yosemite National Park. Its height is about nine hundred meters and this place was considered impossible to climb. However, a couple of climbers – Kevin Jorgeson and Tommy Caldwell made the impossible dream possible and climbed this surface on 14th January 2015. These modern-day superheroes caught the world`s attention with the achieved and this movie follows their story.

The movies portrays how these guys managed to climb this spot and what it took for them to get there and achieve the unimaginable. Tommy Caldwell has been climbing for years and was always seeking for attractive places where he could test his rock climbing skills. He once ended up in Kyrgyzstan where he was captured by soldiers. He managed to survive that and that experience has changed his life dramatically. He started seeing things differently and opened up his mind to big possibilities in life.

Once Tommy visited Yosemite National Park, he knew that climbing the Dawn Hill would be an extraordinary task. He was returning over and over again to the same place, started climbing, mapped the place gradually and slowly identified all the small cracks and handholds for the next climb. In the meantime, he sustained an injury which he thought will prevent him from climbing ever again, but that injury motivated him even further to pursue his big dream.

This film is not about macho men that want to prove the world they can do whatever they can. Quite contrary, Tommy and his group of friends are all easygoing, honest, down to earth and lighthearted people. All that makes him a very lovable person and the audience feels a personal connection with his passion.

In this movie you will not find step-by-step instructions how to climb or what technique to use when climbing. This is a personal story of successful people that follow their passion to the fullest, but there are a lot of details that you will find interesting. As a matter of fact, attention to details is what makes this movie special and pleasant to watch. It is never boring and there are often interesting conversations, anecdotes and stories that maintain audience’s attention. Of course, there is drama and tension involved as well. Falls are dangerous and climbers will find it difficult to climb in numerous situations. We are invited to feel the frustration that is being created by the impossible climb and the challenges that follow.

Finally, The Dawn Wall fulfills the expectations. The viewer will definitely get caught in the story and climber`s obsession to reach the top, fulfilling his lifetime goal. The director perfectly captures the beauty of the national park and all the scenic surroundings, which is an added plus. This is a perfect date night movie if you find yourself on an app like Adult Hookup App and need an idea.  All in all, The Dawn Wall is a movie worth watching, so no matter whether you are climber or not, you will certainly have something to think about after the movie is over.

What equipment do you need for rock climbing?

Rock climbing is interesting and very exciting activity that any person can successfully do. However, you cannot just climb on rocks and expect to reach the top without using proper equipment. There are a few essential pieces that you need to do so. With good rock climbing equipment you ensure safety so you can easily proceed and have fun.

  • One of the most important items you need for rock climbing is of course rock climbing shoes. These shoes are specially designed for climbers and wearing them is a must because with them you can climb easier and faster. Not only that, but your climbing experience will be more pleasurable as well. Climbing shoes might feel uncomfortable when you wear them for the first time and there are many different fits and sizes of them. Climbing shoes should be tight, but not too tight. If you want to ensure successful climbing then you need to go to the local shoe store that sells climbing equipment and find the best shoes for climbing.
  • Next thing you need for your rock climbing adventure is a helmet. Wearing a helmet is a must to protect your head from all dangers while climbing. Rocks and other debris are constantly falling down so you want to avoid being struck by a piece that might injure you badly. Besides helmet, climbing rope is another thing you need. When looking for a rope make sure you get a quality rope made of strong materials. The rope should be strong, but light enough for you to carry it and store it whenever you need to. Same as with climbing shoes, there are all kinds of climbing ropes nowadays so consult a professional climber or a store expert that will advise you which one to get.
  • For rock climbing you also need a harness. You use the harness to get attached to the rope. Harnesses are comfortable and cheap pieces of equipment and they usually last long. Quickdraws, belay devices, carabiners are a few other things that round up the rock climbing equipment. Quickdraws are especially important because they improve your safety and speed when climbing.
  • Good news is that today there are specialized stores that sell all-in-one rock climbing equipment. You do not have to look for the items mentioned above piece by piece but you can get them all at once as part of a package. This is probably the best option for beginners. Truth is that today you can find all kinds of equipment for rock climbing for any budget. Depending on your experience and skill levels there is something for everyone. Make a little research, compare different things, and find the best equipment for your rock climbing adventure. If you do not know where to start, a good idea would be to go online and visit specialized websites that sell such equipment or talk with experienced climbers. Now when you know what you need it is time for you to go out and start rock climbing.

Best locations to rock climb in the USA

United States of America has plenty of great places for rock climbing. Every climber has its own idea about what is ideal place for climbing and there are many factors to consider. Style of climbing, experience, level of difficulty and scenery are just a few factors that climbers consider when they determine which spots are best to rock climb in the USA. USA has wide variety of different terrains and there are places for climbing in every corner of the country. There are some unbelievably beautiful destinations, so it is recommended you explore as many as you can before you find your perfect spot. The following are some of the best locations to rock climb in the USA.

  • Yosemite National Park, California

This is the most famous rock climbing destination for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The National Park`s legendary spots and picturesque surroundings make Yosemite number one destination for all people interested in climbing. Merced River Canyon is full of great climbs and adventurous climbers can find many multiday climbing spots. There are plenty of cliffs and hidden places to explore and climb, although some are off limits as this is, after all, a protected park.

Ø  Joshua Tree National Park, California

This is another very popular destination for outdoor lovers. Sometimes it gets very crowded with climbers, but there are thousands of different spots for climbing and there is place for everyone. The rock formations in this park are really unique and attractive. In order to avoid the summer heat and enjoy more pleasant climbs, it is advisable you visit this park between October and May.

Ø  Devil`s Tower, Wyoming

Devil`s Tower is fabulous place in Wyoming, full of great columns in hexagonal shape. Some cracks for climbing here go up to five hundred feet and the route ranges start at 5.7. It is recommended you bring your own devices for protection in this place because many of the great climbing routes are still not bolted. You can get more information about what exactly you need by contacting this park directly, and check out when the park is closed because in certain parts of the year the park does not operate due to nesting of falcons.

Ø  Acadia National Park, Maine

There are plenty of epic places for climbing in this beautiful park. The scenery is fantastic as there are many cliffs hanging over the Atlantic Ocean, offering some spectacular views. Pink granite cliffs found at Great Head and Otter Cliffs are some top places for climbing in this park.

  • New River Gorge, West Virginia

Here you will find over thousand different climbing routes ranging between 50 to 150 feet tall. This is great climbing destination for climbers with bigger experience as there are plenty of route ranges that start at 5.9. Bridge Buttress is a good place to start and practice your skills, and the Monongahela National Forest right above North Fork River is another great place with plenty of challenging climbing routes.

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